Hey folks! I’m excited this weekend, my rock group, Boogie Goose, is playing in Chicago on Sunday! Check out links and info over in the shows section.

The challenges of leading a band, fronting the band, and holding down the low end is becoming easier. Like with most things, after continued time and practice, it gets easier. Thankfully, it’s not all on my shoulders. Jack Whittle is doing an excellent job sharing the burden of the group with me and I appreciate his input, help, criticism, and collaboration. Thanks Jack!
I’m happy with this group. I have the opportunity to work with some really talented people and the chemistry and dynamic elements of performing in a group are starting to grow and it’s fun to get together and perform. I’m always happy to see individual growth alongside artistic growth and it’s really apparent in these early stages of working on a band. I’m really looking forward to what comes out of our songwriting endeavors when we record new original material over Easter!

Have a good weekend!

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