The Frequency

Our campsite disappears behind us as we head into town.

Elliot meets Lovergurl

We arrive before the Frequency opens and settle at Genna’s Lounge up the street to wait. Surly Brew Co. and Founder’s are at war over happy-hour; the patio is rife with friendly competition. It seems all the brewing company sales rep’s hang out together. We are bought many drinks.

Touring with girls has its perks.

I’m in my own head, although we are well received by the other bands: am I friendly enough to make a good impression? Lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, lack of familiarity– perhaps today is just a bad day. I struggle to find my on-switch. Mostly, I stand around while everyone else connects, mute and berating myself.

Together, we all crash on a basement floor after Truth or Dare and heavy drinking.