@ Mini Bar w/ Lover Gurl

Upstairs in the basement at Mini Bar for the first time–couches line the room and BEARCUB has the floor.

BEAR CUB gears up

In low light we wait around the bar; girlfriends, bandmates, friends, mingling in the quiet before any other show-goers arrive. I second guess the opportunity to meet the other acts. Empathy cuts both ways. As a musician, I want to be sensitive of the pre-show personal-mindset-focus-headspace-meditation we go through. But, as a stranger, I want to feel welcome in a new environment and want to extend that feeling to others.

I met BEARCUB after their soundcheck. Did you know they’ve been together for eleven years?! I haven’t been in a band or act that lasted more than a year, maximum. They played a set of rhythmically progressive instrumental rock that was so intricate I wish I could get that tight with a group.

SLOPSINK from Chicago IL tore it up with high energy punk, and although I couldn’t understand all the lyrics with earplugs in, I thought their gang-vocal singing style gave a powerful edge to their style.

Lovergurl debuted a new song, called David Baby, about a Kansas City rape-bro who gets his just desserts. There are some really funny slams in the lyrics and I think Brook really kills it singing and playing drums on the song. I’m still workshopping different bass line ideas, but next week, we play outside at Riot Room and I’ll have more practices to really nail something down.