It’s Halfway Home…

… we’ll be there by morning.

Except morning’s in a month-and-a-half, and the eight of us pit-musicians are the wheels grumbling beneath the floor. (Steve Goodman, anyone?)

I’ve got that Sunday morning fever!

Not grumbling with complaints per se, more like rumbling with disco heat!

It’s sad to think we’re halfway finished. I’m having fun on this gig. But it’s the sense of completion and accomplishment which thrills.

This deep into the run, it’s a challenge to focus and bring consistant precision to the part. ┬áSub-musicians, personal life, and subtle changes on-stage all creep in to rattle my sense of security. But this isn’t about ad-lib licks and salting the score with my own ego. This is about shouldering the responsibility to support the show (thanks for the reminder Sam).

Thank God for Monday!