I grew up in Little Rock and started playing cello when I was ten years old. I was in the youth orchestra, and played at church, as well as recitals and little gigs here and there. By the time I was thirteen, I learned some chords on guitar, and saved up enough lawn-work money for an electric bass.

At seventeen, my family moved to Kalamazoo and I joined a band with friends I met at school. Over the course of a few different line-up changes, demo recordings, and small gigs, I wanted to study music more seriously. I rented an upright bass from the local music store and got to work.

My gear is an Albert Jakstadt willow upright bass, #106, made in 2010; a burgundy, 4-string Fender Precision electric bass; and my amp is a 500 watt Fender 2×10 combo amp.